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Tarot times two by Pamela Tarot


Two Tarot cards picked at random and put them together to advise, inspire and have some fun. Please check back every so often for another installment.

PAIR O'TAROT #8: 4 of Swords and King of Pentacles
(From the beautiful Goddess Tarot)

Retreat for Reward

Really now, who wants swords falling into their body? No one, of course, but that's the feeling we sometimes get when we're putting off the inevitable, like it's just a matter of time until those swords actually drop. Yeah, that will solve your problems but you won't be around to enjoy the outcome. So take time for a time-out. It's especially important if you have troubles on your mind that require some deep, focused contemplation—financial issues, for example. A massage, a walk in the woods, spiritual contemplation, running or swimming, whatever "retreat" means to you—do it. It just may unleash the resolve and creativity required to take those first steps toward getting a grip on your money problems—and possibly other concerns—so you can move forward with confidence.

PAIR O' TAROT #7: Death and 2 of Wands

A Very Interesting 2014!
Eeeek! Not the DEATH card!! I'm gonna DIE!!! Get a grip. The Death card is all about change—life-altering, transformative change, in fact. Meaning something ends and another thing begins: a phase, a job, a romance, an attitude, a location. Whatever it is, YOU set it in motion. Like the distinguished, cape-wearing gentleman of the 2 of Wands, you considered all the options, came up with creative solutions, set a goal and put it out into the universe. And now it's working its way toward you, just in time for an exciting and interesting new year. Congratulations!









Pair O' Tarot #1: Empress and King of Wands...Royally Cool

Want to be more popular (or get what you want) today? Take a tip from these glamorous royals.





Here's the gorgeous blonde Empress of the Earth living it up in Shangri La in her chic gown and starry crown. And here's our handsome ginger King of Wands, so passionate and creative, thinking outside the box (he has a lizard for a pet!). You have to be pretty dense to not pay attention to these two and act like a royal today. Be polite and compassionate. Say please and thank you. Contribute to the conversation. Don't be a schlumpf! Try it and see what happens!

Pair O' Tarot #2: 8 of Pentacles and King of Pentacles...That's Why It's Called Work

Workaholics, this is for you.

Like that competent coin-carver, you certainly know how to get results. Quantity and quality both give you that addictive adrenaline rush. And as the possessor of the King's charismatic charm and practical resourcefulness, who doesn't admire you, or wouldn't want to be like you? But wait a moment. Is it possible you're using work to avoid facing what's up (or down) in other areas of your life? Insert cliché here (i.e., Take time to smell the roses) and think about it.

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Pair O' Tarot is two Tarot cards picked at random and put together to advise, inspire and have some fun. Please "like" my facebook page if you're so moved and check back every few days for another installment.

Pair O' Tarot #3: Page of Cups and 10 of Pentacles
News You Want To Hear

Wow! A pair of winners.


That adorable page is the bearer of good news! How do we know? Because a little fishy told him so. It's news that will make you so very happy! Yes, it's news about MONEY and LOTS OF IT. Enough to buy everyone a present (including me). So go to the races or buy a Lottery ticket. Now! What are you waiting for?


Pair O' Tarot #4: The Devil and King of Cups
Devil Got Ya Down?


Oh that darn old Devil!

Just when you've convinced yourself you can do better than continually losing those demoralizing games of emotional blackmail (perpetrated by an addicting, shall-be-nameless charmer), that nasty Devil yanks your chains again. Sure, sometimes the timing or circumstances are not right, or other people keep getting in the way. However, more often than not, the Devil is YOU lacking the courage and self-confidence to improve your situation. Or are you just lazy? But take another look. Those chains are pretty fragile, especially when they're just an excuse. It may be time for an exorcism—but keep your head on straight.


Pair O' Tarot #5: 9 of Pentacles and The Moon
Time to Howl


Your hard work has been paying off. Perhaps you received a raise and/or praise. Of course you're grateful but could it be that deep down inside you're just a bunch of mush, feeling so unworthy and embarrassed? That's where the Moon glows with this advice: Face your fears. Dig deep and have a real encounter with your intuition for answers to the questions nobody knows you ask (Why do I feel like such a loser? Who am I fooling? Does anyone really like me?—you get the drift). Imagine what you could accomplish with faith in yourself!  So go out and howl a little—you deserve it!


Hello Tarot Friends! It's another PAIR O'TAROT...where I pull two cards at random and put them together to advise, inspire and have some fun. Please "like" this page if you're so moved and check back every so often for another installment.


PAIR O' TAROT #6: 7 of Wands and 4 of Wands

(Perfect) Home for the Holidays



As the holidays approach you see your house could use some attention, from tidying up at a minimum to deep cleaning just short of excavation. Or you may need some help putting up decorations. You still have some time to get those windows washed, carpets cleaned, lights strung, nooks dusted and crannies scrubbed (plus palms trimmed as required here in Florida). But as you call around for quotes, you may find that bargain coupon is not such a deal after all. It may be hard to swallow certain salespersons' outrageous rates "due to the last-minute date," not to mention their insistence on rip-off "today-only" specials. You don't have to take it! Stand firm and make sure you're getting a real value, and that the service people are licensed and insured. Being resolute will result in a holiday-ready home, at a reasonable price--the happy (clean) hub of seasonal celebrations!