Comments About Tarot By Pamela


"We had a great time and the readings were very meaningful."

"I want to express my thanks for the reading today. As I said it was my first one and I was impressed. I've felt uplifted and more aware of the world around me. I attribute this directly to the ideas you provided.  I felt the energy of the world around me as I selected the piles for you to draw from."


"You read my cards at the Pirate Fest.  I recently stopped working at my old job and started a new one as you said. I now make $12 an hour and at 30 hours a week that is some serious money!"


"We look forward to working with you again in the future."


"I just wanted to thank you so much for doing your readings for the teens, they really loved it and you!. I spoke to several of them after the program and they were pretty excited about it."


"The cards read that a legal matter I had been waiting for an answer to would be positive. A few days later, my social security disability approval letter came in the mail! I received a YES in less than a month! Thank you!"


"Wish you were here to do the party. We really enjoyed having you at the last one."


"I left feeling really good after meeting you and having the reading. Exactly what I needed."


"Thank you again for what I found to be an oddly specific, intuitive and insightful reading."


"Seems to me YOU were the hit of the evening! Everyone loved you."


"Thanks again for all your help with the party. We heard nothing but great things."